We are focused on impact projects which facilitate interoperability, scalability, globalization and mass digitization powered by payment and content choices. 

Our focus is to enable Technology Ecosystems which can provide grounds to connect, integrate and interoperate varied and versatile products and services which empower societies and safety.

We collaborate to partner with supportive skillsets for such ventures engaging locally and internationally. 

Some of our key initiatives include: 

StepUp Academy 

Building an innovative Fintech Academy ​focused on build a generation of specialised resources for the Fintech / Insuretech sectors with deep understanding of payments, transactions and affiliated sector specific knowledge which enables frontend, backend, operations and specialised skills resources to be tailored for these sectors so they can contribute to their employers more effectively.

Payments & Transactional Platform for Content Intermediation 

Working with some of the most seasoned and experienced payments experts in the world, we are working to leverage Caranium's UNITY Platform to build impact use cases around insurance and payments enablement in Pakistan and beyond. 

Unity Alliance is our next generational light weight, extensible platform for transactional processing to transport any type of data (audio, video, transactional logs, etc.) while being scalable and domain agnostic and can integrate easily into existing platforms and enable areas like Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS), Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Government-as-a-Service (Gaas).

Example: Fintechs can load their product libraries on to our platform which allows them to be available through micro-services to Banks and other vendors on easy to consume availability basis across multiple channels


AI Based Dental Guarantee Solutions 

An AI enabled dental guarantee which offers significant value for the patients to get dental treatment within a fixed budget. We are building some exciting augmented, complimentary offerings around it leveraging technology platforms to enhance product scalability 


Insuretech Platform 

Orchestrating the 1st completely digital platform for End-2-End Life Insurance Administration as well as content intermediation across channels (mobile SDKs, Portals, APIs) we are working on impact use cases creation for:

  • For Consumers

    • Digital Insurance Purchases 

    • Digital Policy Issuance with QR 

    • Digital Claim Lodgement 

    • Digital Reminders 

    • Multiple Payment Options 

  • Integration with Wallets, within Apps 

  • Standalone SuperApp Platform – Digital Platform to enable insurance offerings in banking and other apps 

  • Content Libraries - Product Content Orchestration & Distribution engine

  • Innovative Models leveraging insuretech to enable new revenues and innovations in mass market accessibility 


We leverage the capabilities of our global partner's ultimate no code insurance platform to give us the core functionality for Life & General Insurance solutions 


Travel & Tourism Platform 

Worked with iOL Pay for a brief stint.

iOL Pay offesr global checkout, FX, remittances, for different use cases for the hospitality and travel industry.