We are focused on impact projects across industries which accelerate the conversion to interoperability, scalability, globalization and mass digitization. 

Our focus is to enable Technology Ecosystems which can provide grounds to connect, integrate and interoperate varied and versatile products and services which empower societies and safety.

We collaborate to partner with supportive skillsets for such ventures globally and help them locally and internationally. 

Some of our key initiatives include: 

Employee Benefits Platforms

Empowering The Employed 

The times of defined benefits (DB) is over and shift is happening towards defined contributions (DC). 

We take this to the next level by providing omni-channel technology platform where:

  • Employers can connect and offer employees a "benefits value" which can be used on the platform to take the benefits as the employee wants with least or no cost in many cases. 

  • Employed can select the benefits that they would like, based on their personal circumstances and needs. Example. Someone's wife works at a company with great health benefits, then the husband can use his benefits entitlement to buy car insurance or parents insurance or savings plan for children, etc. 

  • Benefits Providers can use our platform to reach larger group of masses and where we can facilitate to tailor products and services to be tailored for this population. 


Travel & Tourism Platform 

Illusions run the world's largest land based marketplace for Hotels, Airlines, Tour Operators, OTAs, Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and Travel Agencies, supporting it with IWTX (Exchange to connect to to multiple B2B platforms), IOL Enterprise (Travel/Hotels ERP) and IOL Pay to power the payments ecosystem. 

We are involved with illusions on the IOL Pay side to scale the globalization of payments for some of the biggest impact use cases to transform payments (local and cross border) and digitize payments backend value chain, reconciliations and realtime reporting to transform B2B and B2C capabilities worldwide leveraging wallets, payment gateways, issuing and acquiring with FX.  


Payments & Transactional Platform 

Working with some of the most seasoned and experienced payments experts in the world, we are working to leverage Caranium's UNITY Platform to build impact use cases around insurance and payments enablement in Pakistan and beyond. 

Unity Alliance is our next generational light weight, extensible platform for transactional processing to transport any type of data (audio, video, transactional logs, etc.) while being scalable and domain agnostic and can integrate easily into existing platforms and enable areas like Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS), Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Government-as-a-Service (Gaas).

Example: Fintechs can load their product libraries on to our platform which allows them to be available through micro-services to Banks and other vendors on easy to consume availability basis. 


Insuretech Platform 

Leveraging UNITY, we are powering some of the most innovative and radical ideas around Insuretech providing the technical and commercial infrastructure needed to build the manage the interaction
between parties including:

  • QR & Cashless Payments – eWallets, MPG, etc.

  • SuperApp Platform – Digital Platform to enable insurance offerings in banking and other apps 

  • Content Libraries - Product Content Orchestration & Distribution engine

  • Digital Commerce – Apps, Marketplaces, etc.

  • Intermediation Platform - Connecting Parties for today's products and for enabling next generational platforms reducing costs and complexity while enabling larger accessibility

  • Innovative Models leveraging insuretech to enable new revenues and innovations in mass market accessibility