We believe somethings the world is not ready to invest in yet and we have to take the initiative to move the needle forward ourselves. 

Forward is our marquee Incubation/Ideas Lab which is working on socially impacting, innovative solutions which transform the way we think about problems and their solutions. 

Some of the key areas we are working on include: 

Retirees - Experienced
Data Lab 

You have data but don't have time to analyse it. We want to leverage it for social impact. 

To do this, we are setting up a "Data Lab" where:

- Data can be digitized 

- Data can be analyzed 

- Data can be organized and provided back to Clients 

- Data can be orchestrated for KPIs & Business Outcomes 

The innovative aspect of this Lab is that it brings together elderly / Retirees or people who have had decades of experience with data and business understandings whereas younger generation helps operate the technology narratives. 

The idea is socially impacting on multiple fronts: 

- Flexible hours working ability for Elders 

- Gives elderly opportunity for White Collar Earnings 

- Gives respect to elderly for their experience & leverage it 

- Helps save people from Dementia/Alzheimer's by giving them focus

StepUp Academy 

Building an innovative Fintech Academy ​focused towards building a generation of specialised resources for the Fintech / Insuretech sectors with deep understanding of payments, transactions and affiliated sector specific knowledge which enables frontend, backend, operations and specialised skills resources to be tailored for these sectors so they can contribute to their employers more effectively.

Benefits Platform 

Comprehensive digital platform for end-2-end benefits enablement (mobile SDKs, Portals, APIs) which helps provide an integrated white-label platform for:

  • For Consumers

    • Digital Insurance, Savings/Loans Purchases 

    • Digital Issuance with QR 

    • Digital Claim Lodgement 

    • Digital Reminders & Reports 

    • Multiple Payment Options 

  • Integration with Wallets, within Apps 

  • Standalone SuperApp Platform – Digital Platform to enable insurance offerings in banking and other apps 

  • Content Libraries - Product Content Orchestration & Distribution engine

  • Innovative Models leveraging insuretech/fintech to enable new revenues and innovations in mass market accessibility 

AI Based Dental Guarantee Startup 

An AI enabled dental guarantee platform which offers significant value for the patients to get dental treatment within a fixed budget. We are building some exciting augmented, complimentary offerings around it leveraging technology platforms to enhance product scalability